Brain Fitness 2 by Happy Neuron

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Brain Fitness 2 by Happy Neuron

Brain vitality and agility is essential for success in daily life for everyone, whether you are a student, professional, a stay-at-home-mom or are retired. This BRAIN FITNESS 2 CD-ROM contains fun and innovative exercises and tools that will provide your brain with a full mental workout.

Your brain requires novel and complex stimulation to build brainpower. This program provides just that! In just 20 minutes per day, BRAIN FITNESS 2 will help increase thinking ability, prevent brain aging, and hone all five cognitive functions of memory, language, concentration, visual/spatial skills and executive function. Moreover, it will provide you with the tools to monitor and track your progress.

How it Works: The way to improve is to continually challenge yourself. As you develop your abilities, BRAIN FITNESS 2 will automatically adapt to your progress and present ever increasing challenges. It is satisfying to succeed quickly and effortlessly, but the key to creating new neural pathways and keeping your mind sharp is to challenge yourself and "push the envelope". You'll see the coach recommendations highlighted by a yellow star as you start each new game. The yellow star designates the level of challenge we believe you are capable of, based on our scientific analysis of your past performance.


  • Developed by a team of leading doctors led by Dr. Bernard Croisile
  • 12 Unique Exercises with multiple difficulty levels
  • Hundreds of hours of unique exercises
  • Cross functional training in all 5 major cognitive functions
  • Variety of Coach Sessions – WarmUp, Total Workout, Special Challenges
  • Track your performance improvements
  • Review your performance against your peers - those in your same age, gender and education level
  • Get detailed global performance reports emailed to you on demand
  • Maintain all your performance results if you upgrade to HAPPYneuron online.

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