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BrainPower® utilizes the only brain training exercise – the n-back - scientifically demonstrated to improve:

  • short termworking memory;
  • IQ  - problem solving, reasoning and learning ability;
  • task focus & will power

In laboratory studies (reference below), training on this task for 19 days has resulted in:

  • 60% increase in short term memory
  • 40-50% increase in IQ scores

    Increasing intelligence is possible after all …with more training leading to greater gains …across the spectrum of abilities. …Almost 40 years ago, Jensen claimed that, when all is said and done, there is not much one can do to raise people’s IQs. Jaeggi and her colleagues have made an important contribution… by showing that intelligence is trainable to a significant and meaningful degree.
    Dr. Sternberg, Professor of Cognitive Psychology, Indiana University

    Brain wave entrainment
    Our braintraining application also has the option of both visual and audio brainwave entrainment stimulation – between 1hz and 10hz, at 1hz intervals - to help with your n-back training. There is scientific evidence that holding multiple items in working memory is locked to brainwave activity in the theta frequency range (4–8 Hz). There is also evidence that alpha wave activity (around 10hz) is associated with higher performance working memory peformance. By entraining your brain's brainwaves using our software, it is expected that you will strengthen your gains in long term cognitive performance.

Uses for BrainPower® training

The gains in IQ, short term memory and executive functioning resulting from training strongly transfer to:

  • Goal focus: the ability to attend to, and keep on track with your goals, and not be distracted.
  • Self control: the will power to overcome impulses, distractions and temptations.
  • Short term memory gains: the ability to hold in mind & manage more information.
  • IQ gains: the ability to reason, problem solve and make intelligent decisions.
  • Brain fitness: your overall level of mental health, power and efficiency.

Many people also report major clarity and quicker thought processes, as well as gains in insight and creativity.

I'm interested in brain fitness. The claim in the website was that my working memory performance and IQ would increase by 40% and 15 IQ points. I got more than a 50% improvement in my memory and a 12 point IQ increase. After training with WM Pro I noticed a lot of benefits – better focus and more mental efficiency, and better problem solving. My short term memory definitely improved.

  • Mark Jacobs, Lake Charles, LA


Mind Power Products

N-back & Brainwave Entrainment: Increase Memory, Focus, Will Power, IQ
Single User License: $24.99
Multi User License (Up to 3 Separate PCs/Devices): $34.99
When to expect mind power results
20 Days
Suggested Use
20 minutes daily

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