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Phenibut has an intimate relationship with the GABA receptors, sometimes even compared to alcohol, it's a purveyor of a tranquil and euphoric mind.

It's commonly used in Nootropic stacks to 'take the edge off' the intensely focused and energetic state of mind that smart drugs induce.

USSRAlong with Noopept, it is one of the Nootropics that emerged from the communist Soviet block, Phenibut was first synthesized behind the iron curtain in the USSR. It's one of the few Nootropics we know has been to space and back; it was included in soviet cosmonaut's medical kits. It has been studied world wide with 158 studies listed on Pubmed

Why Phenibut?

To quote a definitive article on Phenibut by the Department of Clinical and Experimental Psychopharmacology in St. Peterberg which was published in CNS drug reviews

"Phenibut is a neuropsychotropic drug that was discovered and introduced into clinical practice in Russia in the 1960s. It has anxiolytic and nootropic (cognition enhancing) effects..."

soviet union

As you delve deeper into the world of smart drugs the phrase Anxiolytic keeps popping up. Our experience of realty is colored vividly by the Nuerotransmitters Cortisol and Norepinefrine. We have our evolutionary psychology to thank for everything from mild tension before a big meeting, road rage while in a traffic jam to physiological fight or flight responses. As laypeople we think of this simply as 'stress'. The world of popular psychology and personal development deconstructs this into:

  • Self sabotage
  • Performance anxiety
  • Fear of success
  • Self defeating thoughts
  • Approach anxiety

While we think of these things as being defined by unquantifiable meta factors the fact of the matter is that they are a result of specific brain chemistry. Phenibut is a powerful tool for controlling this chemistry.

anxietyIt has the following effects according to a study which appeared in The Pavlovian journal of biological science:

  • Decreasing stress and anxiety
  • Potentiation of tranquilizers, narcotics, neuroleptics and booze.
  • More restful sleep.

One self experimenter succinctly described the experience of being on Phenibut as 'Extreme calmness'. It is purported to have a half life of about 5 hours but this varies drastically according to various users experiences reported, sometimes up to 24 hours.

phenylethylaminePart of it's mechanism of action, is that it inhibits the neurotransmitter phenylethylamine, is a versatile excitatory chemical in our system that has a role in stress us out.

sleepIf you ever suffer from a racing mind that keeps you tossing and turning in bed for hours Phenibut may be for you. It promotes very deep, fulfilling sleep. Which holds exciting potential for lucid dreamers but due to the tolerance curve of the substance it's not really appropriate for use as nightly sleep supplement. For those that need a consistently performing sleep supplement that can be taken nightly, we enthusiastically recommend the Dracula of sleep supplements, Melatonin.

recreational party drugAlthough discouraged by Wikipedia and other 'official' sources online, there's a couple anecdotal reports of people drinking (fairly) responsibly while on Phenibut. The consensus is that a glass of wine or a beer while on a moderate dosage of Phenibut is not going to kill you. However, as a GABA stimulator it does potentate the effects of alcohol. Bottom line is that combining Phenibut with binge drinking is a recipe for an epic hangover.

musicSome people describe the euphoric sensation of being on it as being similar to GHB or MDMA. So while not suggesting it directly, many of the anecdotal reports indicate it has potential as a recreational drug or as a more healthy alternative to booze, the original social lubricant. "It makes music better than any other substance I've tried." Reported Chris (Good Looking Loser). It's reported as having very interesting effects on the sexual experience and is sometimes described as a potent aphrodisiac for women.

addictionAt least one study demonstrated that it's positive influence as a treatment for heroin addicts:

"The course therapy with Noofen reduced intensity of memory and attention disorders and improved general cognitive status of the patients."

It's a white powder that tastes pretty sour and is water soluble. So best to 'skull it' (as my Aussie friends like to say) as fast as possible in a glass of water or (my favorite) green tea.powder

Although Phenibut is sold as nutritional supplement for around $25, it is a quintessential a drug and it should not be used daily to manage anxiety. There is multiple cycling strategies that people use when treating with it:

  • One week on, one week off
  • 5 days on, 2 days off
  • 1 day on, 1 day off

Chemically it's a phenyl derivative of GABA, this means that it is similar to GABA, so much so that the brain's receptors assume they are getting the tranquility promoting neurotransmitter. Like other GABA receptor binding chemicals, like alcohol, you build up a tolerance to it quickly. It's highly bioavailable and is able to cross the blood-brain barrier.

Phenibut is potentially addictive

toleranceIt's easy to find dramatic reports of addictive and withdrawal effects. To the extent that a paper was published in Clinical Toxicology, entitled Phenibut Withdrawal - A Novel 'Nutritional Supplement'. Withdrawal symptoms have been described as:

  • Psychomotor agitation
  • Feeling tense and keyed up
  • Nervousness and shakiness
  • Poor appetite
  • Feeling easily annoyed and irritated
  • Fatigue
  • Heart pounding
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia

The vast majority of these anecdotal reports, were incidences where the user was some degree of abuser and they were taking Phenibut impulsively at irresponsibly high or unmeasured dosages.


Vitamin B6, which is an ingredient in the chemical manufacture of GABA.

500-1500 Milligrams, up to 3000 Milligrams. Split up into two daily dosages.

Side Effects:

Phenibut can 'intoxicate' you and there are even some anecdotal reports of 'Phenibut hangovers' at higher dosages.


Under no circumstances to be mixed with GHB or benzodiazepines. Mixing it with alcohol may result in unconsciousness and blackouts.

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