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#14 Hacking the Mind with Software - Dr. Mark A. Smith Interview

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

intelligence IQ software podcast
Dr Mark Ashton SmithIn this episode we discus biohacking our minds with Mark Ashton Smith, Ph.D, a Cognitive Neuroscientist who obtained his doctorate from Carnagie Mellon University of Pittsburgh, a lecturer at Cambridge University and head of the psychology department of the University of Cyprus. Dr. Smith has spent over 3 years creating a line of software which has been proven to increase IQ, fluid intelligence and working memory.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Objective ways to measure and improve in a quantifiable the various types of intelligence.
  • How software can effect our day to life, career, relationships and communication skills.
  • Sharpening the working memory, the 'scratch pad' of the mind that we use to solve problems.
  • What is the N-Back and what has it been proven to do?

Mark Ashton Smith, Ph.D on Twitter and Google+
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intelligence IQ software podcast

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