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#18 High Leverage Skill Set Acquisition

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

High Leverage Skillsets
In this episode we are joined by Alex Roseland to discuss 15 high leverage skill sets which exist at the intersection of being easy or fast to learn but also quite valuable in the business world. Stick around till the end of the episode to learn about some free software that will save your eyes while working on a computer late at night. In the badass story, the time Jonathan got in a sword fight.

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High Leverage Skills

  1. Sales. 
  2. Negotiation,. 
  3. Contract drafting,. 
  4. Proposal writing.
  5. Open Source web development.
  6. Mobile App Developer.
  7. Search Engine Optimization.
  8. Video Production.
  9. Event Coordination & Marketing. Start in college.
  10. Basic accounting.
  11. Forex Trading.
  12. Self Promotion.
  13. Dressing well.
  14. Being very good at interviewing.
  15. Networking.

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