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By Jonathan Roseland
This was the third time she had looked at him in a confined journey together of only four floors. Jason was nervous, it had been a while since he had been alone and physically this...
Jason had reentered the digitized opium trip that comprised the majority of his waking life, as soon as he got home he loaded up the most recent level, of his favorite virtual reality program, Sutra Samurai SwordXxx. Basically you were attacked by wave after wave of ninjas while fucking...
Jason's Link was 100% today. The Angel of gratitude empowered optimism and the Demon of self monitoring pessimism in Jason's mind fiercely debated the day that awaited him... "Lucky us! We got a big date today with a real woman! And a mysterious...
Jason strolled back to his condo feeling like Norse deity after defeating a school of sea monsters. Astrid had embraced him long and tight, after Alejandra had insisted they had something to attend to and had to leave. In that moment, Jason had decided it was time to pull out all...
These games were incredibly focus intensive, in fact they employed a gamified working memory task, so that the challenges of the game took up your RAM-like working memory (aka conscious mind). Lots of players consumed absurd amounts of caffeine while playing to try to push the envelope... Amateurs! I dabble with the modafinil molecule...
By Jonathan Roseland
Jason's first thought I've spent all the damn day gaming! Now I'm probably late for my date with Astrid and she'll never want to see me again! As he paused the game he self criticized... Jason you fucking addict! How much of your damn life are you...
6 results - showing 1 - 6

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