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By Jonathan Roseland

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Biohacker Review: Be suspicious of pseudo-luxury products...

Update: Unfortunately I had to reduce my review of my eye-catching Bitcoin diffuser from five stars to two because of the shoddy product quality and customer service. One evening I accidentally bumped it off my desk, it fell a very short distance onto my carpeted floor, and the glass reservoir vessel burst into a thousand tiny little shards (some of which I suspect are still lurking in my carpet, just waiting for my bare feet!) I emailed Organic Aromas as I'd had the diffuser for less than a year and I assumed that there must have been some sort of warranty. They responded by apologizing and letting me know that I could buy another (extremely fragile) glass reservoir for about $20 from them. Which I really wouldn't mind doing IF it were a $20 or $30 product but this is a $125 product and it should be able to survive a 1-meter fall. Of course, I told them that this was unacceptable; that a +$100 product should be robust and drop-tested, or at least come with a 12-month warranty. I diplomatically suggested to them that for a product at this price point, they really should be using some sort of shatter-resistant glass. They said they were looking into the shatter-resistant glass and agreed to send me another glass reservoir free of charge but apparently, they couldn't send it at the time because my COVID had disrupted shipping to my country.

So I waited several months and then asked them again (letting them know that it was for the final time)...

Can you ship a replacement to me in Sofia, Bulgaria? Have you raised your product quality standards - using something like shatter-resistant glass? Or are you going to continue selling a +$100 product that's extremely easy to break?

They responded; they had NOT improved their product with shatter-resistant glass, they still couldn't ship to my country, and they invited me to buy another extremely fragile glass reservoir. I can't in good conscience recommend Organic Aromas. They get two stars from me because it is a gorgeous product and their customer service was prompt and courteous.

The whole thing is just so typical of how retarded the world is these days!

+$100 products are built as solidly as any $15 plastic crap you can buy in the bargain bin at Walmart. Psuedo-luxury brands do zero quality assurance or drop-testing on their overpriced products. And the overpriced international shipping services can't figure out how to get packages from country A to country B. I'm also pissed because I loved the LASER-etched design of my diffuser and the fact that Organic Aromas accepted crypto. I wanted to be a big fan of these gals but their product is so shoddy! I should disclose that Organic Aromas sent this to me in the first place for free as part of an influencer outreach program. I'm thankful to get cool stuff like this for free sometimes but even more thankful that I didn't pay for it.

As a tip to entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and business people out there; if you're going to position your offering as a high-end luxury product that costs over $100 do some damn quality assurance testing before you start selling it. Don't manufacture it with the cheapest materials at the cheapest factory in China. Drop-test it from a meter or two because every product inevitably gets dropped on the floor. Then back it up with a solid 1-year warranty/replacement policy. If you sell your customers a quality product in the first place you'll make them happier and ultimately make more money than if you sell them a crap product that needs to be replaced after 6 months because it breaks.

Is there a consumer tip in this whole fiasco?

Be suspicious of these pseudo-luxury products. Before splurging on something priced over $100 double-check the internet for reviews and find out where it is manufactured; the Bitcoin diffuser was made in Taiwan, which is generally more credible than Chinese manufacturing.

My initial impressions...

I was most pleased to receive this very cool-looking laser-engraved Bitcoin emblem aromatherapy diffuser from Organic Aromas on my birthday. I read the instructional pamphlet and proceeded to add a little of the proprietary essential oil blend that came with it. This is the most aesthetically enticing piece of biohacking product I've used; as it diffuses the aroma throughout our bedroom it emits a tinkling LED glow. I'll continue to experiment with different oils to ascertain the effects of aromatherapy.

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What I think is awesome about Organic Aromas is that they accept Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dai, Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and other cryptocurrencies.


Premium Nebulizing Diffusers for Professional Essential Oil Aromatherapy

Organic Aromas has developed the most powerful and effective nebulizing diffuser for aromatherapy. The cool mist technology of our nebulizers diffuse only pure essential oils with no heat, no water and no plastic. Our diffusers are hand-made with plantation hard-wood and hand-blown with pyrex glass. We stand behind our products 100% and offer a solid one year warranty on all parts and labor.

from their very informative YouTube channel

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Organic Aromas - Aromatherapy & Essential Oils
Organic Aromas
New Biohacking toy - It turns out, Bitcoin smells AMAZING!


The Radiance Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser by Organic Aromas
Unboxing a BEAUTIFUL laser-etched Bitcoin aromatherapy diffuser/nebulizer

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Be suspicious of pseudo-luxury products...
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Unboxing a BEAUTIFUL laser-etched Bitcoin aromatherapy diffuser/nebulizer
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