Designed to be the most scientifically advanced anti-aging supplement for adults

LifePak® Nano

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LifePak Nano
By Jonathan Roseland

I'm not a doctor, medical professional, or trained therapist. I'm a researcher and pragmatic biohacking practitioner exercising free speech to share evidence as I find it. I make no claims. Please practice skepticism and rational critical thinkingYou should consult a professional about any serious decisions that you might make about your health. Affiliate links in this article support Limitless Mindset - spend over $150 and you'll be eligible to join the Limitless Mindset Secret Society.

"I wake up in the morning with NO grogginess" my friend Keith reports in his Biohacker review

A proprietary innovation in anti-aging protection with advanced bioavailability and maximum benefits. LifePak Nano is designed to be the most scientifically advanced anti-aging supplement for adults.

Nourishes and protects cells, tissues, and organs in the body with the specific purpose to guard against the ravages of aging each day of your lifespan* Superior bioavailability with CR-6 LipoNutrients™ enhances uptake from the gut into the bloodstream and body for maximum anti-aging benefits* Advanced anti-aging formula helps protect the body with key nutrients such as NanoCoQ10™ and nano carotenoids* Helps maintain normal inflammatory responses in the body* Feeds and helps protect the brain with DHA and EPA (two CR-6 LipoNutrient™ softgels contain the same amount of EPA and DHA as two MarineOmega softgels)* Offers superior DNA protection against damaging free radical attacks by providing the body with important antioxidants and phytonutrients such as alpha-lipoic acid and catechins* Protects cell health with an antioxidant defense network* Helps protect cardiovascular health with a comprehensive blend of omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients Provides comprehensive bone nutrition support* Promotes healthy immune function* Supports normal blood sugar metabolism* Corrects nutritional deficiencies* SCS certified

From Pharmanex

I have been using Nuskin lifepak Nano for a year. I was using lifepak Prime anti-aging for the previous 15 years. I haven't decided whether to continue with Nano or not. Seriously, my blood test results have been in my doctor's words, 'excellent'. I can't guarantee its supplements, but I believe it is. My eating regimen is poor. For breakfast I drink a Carnation chocolate instant breakfast, I skip lunch, and then eat a healthy dinner. Rarely a desert. But two alcoholic drinks to unwind. I do golf 2-3 times a week and I walk. If you have any questions or observations I would be happy to answer.

From a Pharmanex user for 15+ years...

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LifePak® Nano
LifePak® Nano
LifePak® Nano
LifePak® Nano
LifePak® Nano
LifePak Nano


Review of LifePak Nano by Pharmanex
"I wake up in the morning with NO grogginess" ? Review of LifePak® Nano an anti-aging multivitamin

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