Maxed Out Man Interview

By Jonathan Roseland

 I was interviewed on the masculinity podcast, Maxed Out Man, I reveal why it's THE BEST time to be a man (even if you're not a Biohacker)...

We discuss...

Red light therapy; panel lamp and wrap-around device

Red Light Therapy: Near Infrared Light Device
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Category: Mind Hardware
The FlexBeam
Category: Mind Hardware

PEMF device: IC Hummer by Infopathy

IC Hummer
Category: Mind Hardware

Dual N-Back brain training from IQ Mindware

The Adaptogens: Rhodiola, Reishi, Panax Ginseng, Turkey Tail Mushroom, Horny Goat Weed

Smart Drugs - The Racetams

Nicotine - But don't vape!

Vision Hacks

Blue-blocking glasses

Visomitin eye drops


Tantric techniques for multiple male orgasms

Master Mind Master Body Master Her
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Category: Courses

 I was interviewed my friend, Lucas Aoun on the Boost Your Biology podcast, we discuss dating, marriage relationships, promiscuity, and more...

We discuss...

2:00 Jonathan’s story - from nomadic seducer to husband
8:52 Online dating has changed the game
14:10 The “inevitable uncondoming
20:17 What is tantra?

Master Mind Master Body Master Her
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Category: Courses

28:08 Kegels - a long term sexhack
31:54 Oxytocin
33:56 Horny Goat Weed Biohacker Review

36:33 "Nice guys finish last"
38:28 Seduction as a tool for personal growth - Daygame vs Nightgame

Phenibut - an alcohol alternative

45:41 The three major red flags
47:41 The compromise question
55:25 The TRUTH about Dating and Marrying Exotic Foreign Women - Is it for you? 

1:01:30 Jonathan’s #1 dating tip for men

I was recently interviewed on Moving into Masculinity with Jonathan Burton

I begin this interview with the story (that I haven't told elsewhere) of being almost mugged at a cemetery this year while filming the cinematic first module of my Tantra course. Then we get into an edifying deep-dive discussion of sex and relationship hacking for men. Give it a listen and please subscribe to Jonathan Burton's channel.

I mentioned...

Module one of my Tantra course for men9 Steps to Becoming a Tantric Man ♂️ Visiting a CEMETERY is #9

More about the course: Master Mind Master Body Master Her

Master Mind Master Body Master Her
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Category: Courses

Books about Tantra

Article: How to Lose Your Virginity (For Men)

The Racetams

Adaptogenic Herbs

Dual N-Back brain training

Red Light therapy

Red Light Therapy: Near Infrared Light Device
5.0 (2)
Category: Mind Hardware
The FlexBeam
Category: Mind Hardware

My essayIt's the Best Time to Be a Man!

Breathwork app

Category: Software & Apps

The Winter Solstice of Civilization


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Maxed Out Man Interview

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