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Bulletproof Coffee - The Original Ground Coffee, Medium Roast
By Jonathan Roseland

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Biohacker ReviewThe Ferrari of coffee

Few moments of my life have matched the sublime pleasure of sitting in a sunny cafe in Medellín drinking fresh coffee, now you can sip the same antioxidizing paradise with Bulletproof's Colombian coffee.

I've had a love-hate relationship with coffee in the past, I'd drink 4-6 cups a day to keep re-upping on caffeine to stay productive and out of the crash zone. And then I'd have to drink two or three beers to fall asleep. Then I'd swear off coffee for months at a time but then I moved into a neighborhood in downtown Denver with a bunch of great cafes in it and I became something of a coffee snob, no more Folger's in my cup but my coffee shop budget was +$100/monthly.

  • For the two years I lived in Colombia I carried on a fiery Latin romance with the dark nectar and became a true elitist in my tastes.
  • When I moved to Europe in 2015, I had to lower my standards that had been set so high by the baristas of Medellín.
  • One lucky day I strolled into a cafe in downtown Kyiv, the menu was in (mostly indecipherable to me) Cyrillic script, but the word Bulletproof jumped out at me.

If you haven't drunk Bulletproof Coffee before I'd like you to think of that productive, energized headspace that you are in at about 9:30 AM, about 25 minutes after you've had your first cup of normal coffee. Now imagine being in that state of mind till 6:30 PM without the anxiety or twitchiness you get after your third or fourth cup of coffee.

What is my recipe for grandeur?

8:30 AM Nootropics (Racetams, Modafinil, or whatever Nootropic Stack product I'm on at the moment)
1:30 PM a cup or two of Bulletproof Coffee+MCT Oil
Once I drank a 3rd cup of Bulletproof Coffee+MCT and ended up working till 12:45 AM and then watched a movie before I could go to sleep.

The only downside is that that normal, coffee shop coffee just doesn't measure up anymore. It's like driving a Kia after a brand-new luxury Japanese coupe. Usually, at cafes, I order tea now. And I even quit coffee ounce when I couldn't get stuff that measured up to my high standards...

If I had only a few tools to select as part of the Limitless Mindset Recipe for Grandeur, bulletproof-style coffee would be among them. The Nootropics manufacturers of the world are up against some stiff competition with Bulletproof Coffee!


About Bulletproof Coffee 

A result of an obsessive process for creating a high performance, delicious, dark nectar that delivers in minutes Limitless productivity and biological happiness that last 4-6 hours.

MCT + Coffee

To fully unleash Bulletproof Coffee, you're going to want to combine it with a few things. From Dave Asprey's recent book, Fast This Way...

Wake up in the morning and drink a cup of Bulletproof Coffee: black coffee, a dollop of grass-fed butter, and a teaspoon or more of C8 MCT oil. It’s the best latte you’ll ever drink. (p. 18)

Many people don't know that coffee can actually be one of the most healthy things you can consume daily.

The reason why coffee sometimes catches a bad rap is the small amounts of mycotoxins in the coffee get multiplied by the significant quantities in which it is consumed. The big advantage of Bulletproof Coffee is its proprietary production process to eliminate impurities.

Mind Power Products

Order Bulletproof coffee

INVEST at least $300 in your own mind at the Bulletproof Store and get a Biohacking consultation

This flowchart will help you to select something to address your own unique biohacking goals or challenges.

Bulletproof content flowchart

When to expect mind power results
5-15 Minutes

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  • Gluten Free
  • Good Manufacturing Practice Certified
  • Money Back Guarantee
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Bulletproof Coffee
Bulletproof Coffee
Bulletproof Coffee
Bulletproof Coffee


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