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IC Pad by Infopathy
By Jonathan Roseland

I'm not a doctor, medical professional, or trained therapist. I'm a researcher and pragmatic biohacking practitioner exercising free speech to share evidence as I find it. I make no claims. Please practice skepticism and rational critical thinkingYou should consult a professional about any serious decisions that you might make about your health. Affiliate links in this article support Limitless Mindset - spend over $150 and you'll be eligible to join the Limitless Mindset Secret Society.

Biohacker review: Nootropics/Anti-Aging “Infocueticals” save me $122 monthly

The IC Pad is an infoceutical imprinter by Infopathy - it uses electromagnetism and a trippy flashing light to "download" into water almost ANY drug, pharmaceutical, or supplementIt teases the possibility of decentralizing and open-sourcing both the pharmaceutical and supplement industries.
Skeptical? So was I!

After reading up on this mind-blowing technology and listening to all the podcasts about Infopathy that I could find I was very excited to receive the IC Pad.

The first infoceutical (IC) I tried was Happy Water, one of the most popular, and I did notice something - a subtle Gabaergic/anxiolytic effect similar to what I'd expect from Phenibut. I drank the IC on an empty stomach and about 5 minutes later started to feel a little happier. I had more to joke and laugh about with my wife over dinner. I did a meditation session and was notably more carefree and relaxed than I usually am after a long day of work.

HRV on Happy Water

I did quantify my meditation session with my Heartmath device and the IC did not seem to have a notable impact on my HRV scores.

How does it work?

Before diving into Infopathy you will want to research the topic - there's a lot here to wrap your mind around. Watch these documentaries about water memory...

It's one of those things that sounds a little wu-wu but you can find scientific publications on Pubmed documenting Electromagnetic information transfer through aqueous system, Transduction of DNA information through water and electromagnetic waves, and The history of the Memory of Water. To quote from that last one...

The idea of the memory of water arose in the laboratory of Jacques Benveniste in the late 1980s and 20 years later the debate is still ongoing even though an increasing number of scientists report they have confirmed the basic results... In 1995, a more sophisticated procedure was established to record, digitize and replay these signals using a multimedia computer. From a physical and chemical perspective, these experiments pose a riddle, since it is not clear what mechanism can sustain such 'water memory' of the exposure to molecular signals. From a biological perspective, the puzzle is what nature of imprinted effect (water structure) can impact biological function.

So water memory is still a bit of a mystery, it remains controversial and debated. But the fact that the original paper documenting the phenomenon passed peer review and was published in one of the most prestigious scientific journals, Nature, speaks volumes. And there's some more concrete recent scientific evidence for infopathy...

  • In a 60-woman 2012 Russian clinical trial, ICs enhanced the effect of the drug Omeprazole and resulted in notably better results in the treatment of duodenal ulcer after 8 months.
  • 6 diabetic obese patients in a 2012 practitioner-run trial switched from Metformin to this Glucophage IC for 16 months and lost on average 30 kilograms.
  • A 2017 animal trial demonstrated the Immunostimulating Activity of anti-viral ICs; water containing Arbidol IC as well as water containing Dexon IC possessed the pharmacological properties of Arbidol and Dexon, respectively. 
  • An in vitro cancer cell study found electromagnetic information transfer of specific molecular signals mediated through the aqueous system on two human cellular models.
  • Four in vitro studies demonstrated anti-parasitic, anti-fungal (vs Candida albicans), and anti-bacterial (vs MRSA) effects.

Those animal and in vitro studies suggest that with ICs there's a mechanism other than the placebo effect at play with infopathyWhen you tell your normie, non-biohacker friends and family - Dunning-Kruger "I believe in science" types - about anything like infopathy, you can anticipate them thinking very hard and then responding, "This infopathy thing only works because of the placebo effect!" And their thinking (while terribly shallow) is not totally wrong. The placebo effect is so reliable that every gold-standard clinical trial must account for it, there are 148,000 human clinical trials hinting at something that makes the materialist mind very uncomfortable, that belief has power. You can thank the placebo effect for 25% - 100% of the benefits that you get from any drug or supplement you take, and I'd wager that the same is true for infopathy. When I read You Are the Placebo by Dr. Joe Dispenza I had a crazy idea...

This book gave me an (ethically questionable) idea for a multi-level marketing company that would explicitly sell placebos. Customers would pay full price for the very best quality, most proven brain health supplements, but the customer agreement and marketing would make it clear that they had a 50% chance of just receiving in the mail very convincingly packaged placebo pills. If the placebos or the actual supplements didn't work the customers could of course just take advantage of a money-back guarantee but 50% - 70% of the time the placebo effect would be well worth the money and the profits could be shared with the upline. Come to think of it, this is probably what a lot of MLM health companies are doing secretly.

And infopathy is better than that, you get the actual non-pharmacological signaling effect from the ICs along with the placebo effect, which may be more powerful than the water memory effect itself - all without the expense and inconvenience of buying and consuming medicine or supplements! Making ICs with the IC pad is actually sort of fun; as a biohacker, I feel like a kid in a candy shop browsing the database of +1600 ICs, just waiting to be imprinted on the H2O in my glass VOSS Water bottle. The cool lights prime you for the placebo effect - if you want to get more biological bang out of the IC, ritualize the consumption a bit more, say a prayer of thanks before drinking, use a fancy glass, or do a kegel!

The anecdotal evidence for Infopathy, which is overwhelming, should also be considered; between their website's testimonials section and the very active Infopathy Facebook group, you can find hundreds of anecdotal data points suggesting that ICs are surprisingly effective functional medicine. For example, an encouraging comment on the AZ Vaccine Side Effect Reducer IC from a veteran 20-year naturopathic practitioner...

I have had several patients who came to me after the vaccination and to whom I gave the IC. the side effects almost disappeared within hours. Everyone who started taking it 2-3 days before the vaccination tolerated the vaccination without any side effects. For me this IC is a MUST for every vaccination! Easily distinguish whether mRNA or vector vaccine are different ICs. I also learned from Anton that this AZ-IC can also be used with Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

This video explains the infopathy mechanism in terms of Quantum Electrodynamic Theory... 

Ultimately, as a pragmatic biohacker, I don't really care why it works, I care only that it works.

Some of the infoceuticals I tried...

I wanted to see if I could caffeinate myself with this technology. I woke up, drank no coffee or tea, and made myself the Roasted Coffee BeanIC. Christ may have turned water into wine, but infopathy did not turn water into coffee - at least not for me. Again, the IC did not seem to impact my HRV scores.

I also tried Mitochondrial Energy Support - I can't say if it had a stimulating effect for me. I'll continue to experiment with other energizing ICs, I like the idea of starting my days with a subtle stimulant! According to Anton Fedorenko, the scientist behind Infopathy, you will get more biological bang out of your IC if you run it a few times - the default two-minute transfer imbues the minimum imprint.

On Mondays, I often do (real) Piracetam so I can have a kickass productive day. ALPHA GPC is well-known as a Piracetam cofactor, do too much Piracetam without enough choline and you'll lose your cognitive edge about halfway through the workday. I did four 800-milligram capsules of Piracetam WITH the ALPHA-GPC IC and, wow, I was really in the zone all afternoon.

Another IC that seemed to make a difference for me was Yohimbe, which I took with a gym buddy before hitting the weights. The stimulating effect was barely perceptible but what was NOT barely perceptible was the gains in my workout performance, I was pleasantly surprised with my capacity to push myself a bit further in the gym - the subjective effect equaled about 10 milligrams of actual Yohimbine, which I am well acquainted with.

Yohimbine infocuetical

The wife and I bang a lot on vacations and sometimes I need a little help in the erection department after days of fun in the sun. I had a beer and a shot of Grey Goose at dinner, went back to our room, had the Icariin IC, and ravaged (righteously) the wife. It had an effect similar to a lower dose of Horny Goat Weed.

On vacation

After using Infopathy daily for about a month; I can report that there's a subtle yet undeniable effect on my energy levels and mood. I've started waking up a little earlier, inspired to take on the day, and I feel just a little more motivated and optimistic about the future.

 Infopathy saves me at least $122 monthly

After some experimentation, typically take three different ICs daily...

  • Limitless Longevity Anti-Aging Supercuetical - C60, CoQ10, Collagen, Pterostilbene, NMN, and Methylene Blue first thing in the morning.
  • Immunity Super Stack - Colloidal Silver, Star Anise, Zinc Arginate/Glycinate, Liposomal Vitamin D3 + K2, Liposomal Glutathione, and N-Acetyl Cysteine.
  • A complimentary IC - I'll take the IC cofactor of whatever Nootropic I'm on that day; if I take a racetam Nootropic that day I'll add my Nootropic IC, the Piracetam Protocol Stack. If it's a gym day, I'll take a workout performance-enhancing or a relaxing recovery IC. Or I'll drink a Happy Water at dinner as a substitute for a glass of wine or beer.

My subjective estimate is that the ICs have about 1/3 - 1/4 the effect of the actual supplement or drug. I surveyed other Infopathy users and they tended to agree with me, ICs tend to pack a third of the punch of the real thing. Thus I've calculated how much infopathy "saves" me at least $122 monthly on Nootropics, anti-aging agents, and immune enhancers...

Limitless Longevity Anti-Aging Supercuetical - $192

Immunity Super Stack - $174

Methylene Blue
Colloidal Silver
Star Anise
Zinc Arginate/Glycinate
Liposomal Vitamin D3 + K2
Liposomal Glutathione
N-Acetyl Cysteine 

This is a conservative estimate as it doesn't account for the third IC I take almost every day nor does it include the ICs I give my wife.

Although I wouldn't suggest that infopathy can replace actual medicine, I'm not going to give up buying and taking vitamins, nutrients, and Nootropics. But what I will do, is look up the cofactors of whatever pills or powders I'm downing and take those cofactors as ICs.

Infopathy is a gamechanger

As an American ex-pat living abroad, infopathy is a game-changer for my biohacking because it means I can just "download" any supplement I want, avoiding the brain damage and tyranny of dealing with international shipping and my local customs office. Living in North America, you don't know how good you have it, just being able to order online any supplement you desire and having it arrive on your doorstep a week later. In many countries, getting packages from the post office is an experience not dissimilar from negotiating with the mafia the release of a hostage! Also, thanks to the COVID pandemic/plandemic, no matter where you are in the world, expect the further breakdown of supply chains, expect specialized supplements and medicine to become more expensive and harder to get your hands on. Just try getting Ivermectin these days (and, yes, there is an Ivermectin IC).

This is why I enthusiastically recommend biohacking tech like Infopathy, Heartmath devices, and red-light therapy - buy it once and it empowers your health for years - this is why Infopathy makes the cut, I've added it to my list of recommended vendors - spend over $150 with Infopathy via my link here (save 10% with coupon code Limitless), you'll get a free 30-minute biohacking consultation with me, and you'll be eligible to join the Limitless Mindset Secret Society.Secret Society

About the Glowing IC Pad

The Glowing IC Pad 3, designed for rapid and easy IC transfers, can prepare up to 2.0 liters of water in just 2 minutes. This versatile device offers the convenience of dual connectivity, supporting both Bluetooth and traditional cable options. It also features a tri-color light system comprising blue, red, and infrared lights, tailored for specific applications.

from infopathy.com 

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 INVEST at least $150 in your health with Infopathy and get a Biohacking consultation. 10% discount with coupon code: Limitless


IC Pad by Infopathy
Imprint Infocueticals via smartphone, computer, or tablet
IC Pad by Infopathy
Turn a glass of water into a natural remedy


What are ICs and how are they produced?
Imprinting Substances Into Water w/ Anton Fedorenko | Mitolife Radio Ep. #115
Downloadable medicine is NO longer science fiction...

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Nootropics/Anti-Aging “Infocueticals” save me $122 monthly
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