The most BEAUTIFUL book you'll ever hold, written especially for you (in a much GRANDER sense...)

By Jonathan Roseland

I had promised something new and innovative in the Biohacking/personal growth space this year that I'd be offering - not another supplement, app, gadget, or AI thing - but a strikingly beautiful and enduring thing. It's a book, but a book unlike any you've ever read, a book specifically for you.

And when I say for you, I mean you in a much grander sense. I mean your legacy; which is the exponential network effect reverberating into the future of the dedication, excellence, loyalty, wisdom, knowledge, presence, and love you bring to your work, family, relationships, and community. And of course, I also mean the beautiful young life you create, raise, and sacrifice for. The genetic essence of you that will outlast your corporeal form by many thousands of years. The everlasting you that echoes for eternity.
I'll describe shortly what kind of book this will be and the unique program from which it will be derived, but first...

On beauty and truth

Beauty is not vain or shallow, beauty has the most pragmatic philosophical value because time destroys almost all beauty (with the exception of a book like this) that is not maintained. Beauty is the most striking reminder that we shouldn’t procrastinate, we have limited time to pursue what we want in life. We should take risks and go after what we want because we’ll be dead one day. When my wife's beauty brings heavenly fire to every cell of my body, that lust is my genes whispering: Memento Mori - "You're going to die one day. Take a chance on love and create new life in your image." You've certainly succumbed to that same whisper if legacy matters to you as it matters to me.
Beauty and truth are a particularly potent combination because, like beauty, the most profound and empowering truths are evident a prima facie - they change minds and hearts at first glance.

Valencia, Spain
That would be me there in the lower left, pursuing beauty

A snapshot of my life from one of the most beautiful places I ever visited - Valencia, Spain. Great beauty is captivating, unmistakable, undebatable, clarifying, and inspiring - it's a silver lining to life that makes hardships endurable like truth. But beauty is often the result of hard work; the generations of labor that produced the awe-inspiring architecture there in Valencia or the countless grueling gym sessions it takes to build and maintain a heroic physique. Similarly, uncovering the truth, embracing it, and living by it can be one of the hardest things you'll do in this life.

For these reasons, the book I'll write for you will be the most beautiful book you'll ever hold - created by a master artisan to last 200 years.

STYLIZED CONCEPTUAL RENDITIONS OF THE MASTERPIECE EDITION - Your book will have a unique title and cover design

What kind of book will this be?

A nonfiction work of literature unbound by traditional genres, unlike anything found on literal or digital bookstore shelves. It will be a combination of...

  • A biography or memoir
  • A holistic health guide
  • A philosophy book
  • A powerfully pragmatic lifestyle manual
  • A family history chronicle

How will the truth within the book equal its exterior beauty?

In the past 12 years, I've written two nonfiction books and over a thousand articles on Biohacking, anti-aging science, lifehacking, and full-spectrum antifragility philosophy, but I'll need your help as the book will capture and enshrine your lens on truth. The 6-month Anakainōsis program, which for you will be a transformation that authors a legacy that echoes in eternity begins with four deep-dive discovery conversations (60-90 minutes each)...

  1. Your Biohacking and Nootropics regimen - what biohacks you've tried, what's working, and what isn't.
  2. Current state of your life - goals, relationships, fears, vices, addictions - what challenges you are struggling with.
  3. Your life experiences along with your values, principles, beliefs, and faith - what drives you on a deep level?
  4. What is your exponential 10X blue ocean - what might you do better than anyone else on Earth? Where are you limiting yourself?

These conversations are the foundation of the transformative program and from which I will derive the grand narratives underlying your unique and original ​Anakainōsis book​.

Then I get to work writing. Impactful nonfiction writing is built on three critical elements, without them a nonfiction book will suck and people will not finish it or get much out of it; anecdote, theory, and data.

  • A compelling story that captures attention.
  • A cogent theory; causal, scientific, or philosophical.
  • And data to back that theory up; scientific studies, well-documented facts, or history - usually.

The four deep-dive conversations will give me the first element, stories, and some of the second, your worldview and life philosophy. From those conversations, I'll get the grand narrative themes underlying the book. For data; we'll derive much from the analysis of your whole genome sequencing (this is an important part of the program) and then I dive into Pubmed (the Google of scientific literature) and ClinVar - the database on the relationships between human variations and phenotypes.

You're probably wondering how much the book and Anakainōsis program will cost...

That and many other questions you may have about this one-of-a-kind program are answered in the Anakainōsis announcement video...

And here on the FAQ page on

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