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Piracetam by Swiss Chems

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Piracetam by Swiss Chems
By Jonathan Roseland

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Biohacker ReviewPleasantly intense focus in a capsule

The way I've always described high-quality Piracetam is... 

Pleasantly intense focus, but at the same time an energizing sensation of optimism about the work ahead of one’s self and the challenges presenting themselves.

Someone asked me the other day, what my favorite smart drug was, which is a difficult question - that's like asking M who her favorite double agent in MI6 is. I thought about it and after trying well over 100 smart drugs, my favorite is probably Piracetam.

  • It makes you focused like Modafinil but without the sweats.
  • It makes you good at solving complex technical problems like Phenylpiracetam but it doesn't cost an arm and a leg.
  • It improves your memory like Aniracetam but it doesn't clump up in a way that makes it super annoying to consume.
  • It lowers stress like meditation but without having to lay there thinking about not thinking. I love meditation, if you made me choose between the two, it would be tough.
  • It will wake you up in the morning like coffee but it isn't going to bother your stomach or discolor your teeth.
  • It improves Mitochondrial function but it's not going to break the bank like CoQ10 or PQQ supplements will.
  • It improves your imperviousness to distraction like Ritalin or Adderall but it doesn't make you feel like an amphetamine junky.
    No wonder the FDA tried to censor it!

If you have never tried Piracetam before you are going to want to watch my video, Piracetam Decoded, I did specifically on the science behind Piracetam and its mechanism of action...

Recently I got a really useful comment about Piracetam...

"Hey Jonathan, I bought piracetam through your suggestion and loved it. I ended up immediately buying 1000 grams afterward. It put me in this unbelievable flow state and I was in a great mood. Even my communication was improved significantly. Most anxiety was almost non existent and I felt more self assertive and direct with others when needed, while still being calm and in good spirits. But as of late, it hasn't had the same effects. In fact I have gotten a slight headache, even a paranoid feeling with it, from the same amount I have been taking. It isn't overwhelming, but it is there. Is it possible that my body could change over time and not get the same effect as before? Or is it possible that this could be a 'bad batch' ?"

This is a great question...
Around 10% - 15% of people who use Piracetam get zero results from it regardless of dosage, this mostly has to do with either the ACh system, the adrenal system, or Mitochondria, luckily it's a pretty well-understood problem and it's cheap and easy to fix. So you'll want to take the time to read and follow The Piracetam Protocol...

Another commenter on my blog called Piracetam "the sensory-enhancing antidepressant public speaking drug" which I thought was an awesome description - it does improve your verbal wittiness or mastery of your second language... Mis amigos ya les saben que caundo estoy usando Piracetam mis palabras son mas travesuras.

Dual N-BackI objectively know that it's improving my cognition because I consistently score higher in my brain training games while on Piracetam, I had a breakthrough 6-back high score on Dual N-Back.

The only downside of Piracetam is that to get cognitively enhanced from it you are going to need to do anywhere from 3-6 grams. If you do it in low doses, just a capsule or two a day, your results are going to be pretty limited.

So this little bottle of 800 milligrams capsules, is like breakfast to me - just kidding - it's like a week's supply for me. If you are looking for the best deal on Piracetam, I recommend getting it powdered, it's one of the easiest smart drugs to take in powdered form. However, there are some reasons to get it in capsuled form

  • You just appreciate the convenience of taking it in capsule form.
  • You need to take supplements in exact amounts to ensure the accuracy of your biohacking and self-quantification experiments and you don't want to mess with the digital scale and little measuring spoons every time you are taking Nootropics.
  • You don't want your wife or roommate to find it and think you are doing cocaine (because that's kind of what it looks like)...

About Piracetam

The first and one of the most well-researched nootropic drugs used for improved cognitive abilities.

  • Enhanced memory (reference)
  • Age-related neuro protection (ref)
  • Protects the brain after injury (ref)
  • Depression / anxiety relief (ref)
  • Prescription drug for Alzheimer’s/Parkinson’s (ref)
  • Mild side effects even with extreme doses (ref)

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Pleasantly intense focus in a capsule ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Biohacker Review of Piracetam

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Pleasantly intense focus in a capsule
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Dual N-Back brain training on Piracetam
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